Who We Are

Lisa Hair braiding is the leading hair braiding salon on Staten island. We provide braiding services to residents of Staten Island, BROOKLYN and part of New Jersey. We have 2 beauty salons in Staten Island. They are all african hair braiding salon located at 472 Jersey street (West Brighton) and 166 Canal st (Stapleton area) . We have several experienced hair braiders available which is an advantage as we reduce your wait time by assigning at least two people to braid your hair at a time unless we are too busy but we thrive to shorten your time so you may spend the rest of your day on other activities. We will not send you away if you ever happen not to like your hair. You will always love the way you look.

Our Standards

We are a customer satisfaction driven hair braiding salon in staten island with years of experience dealing with wide range of african hair braiding styles. Our utmost goal is ensure customer satisfaction. We offer you priority if you make an appointment. However you don’t need one. Walk-ins are welcome. We value our customers as we know what it takes to make them happy. Lisa Staten Island Beauty salon was established since 2012 and has served customers so well that we just expanded to a second location. The new location is so spacious that we can afford to allocate a small private space for our customers who have hair issues and wish to have their hair done far from any wandering eyes. We guarantee your privacy.
We understand your need because with a great hair dresser and the right techniques and experience comes a great looks. We encourage you to come in a relaxing and cozy stress free hair braiding salon equipped with wifi and free street parking

Why Choose Us

Our wish is that your hair last as long and remain as fresh as possible. For that matter we take pain in educating our clientele on the type of hair they should use according to their hair type and their desired style. We would not impose anything on you, the ultimate choice is yours. We will also recommend you hair products and behavior to adopt in order to preserve the beauty of your hair. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a good reputation vis-a-vis our customers and we proud ourselves to have done that consistently. Our hair braiding ability is undeniable as we hold ourselves to the highest standard. We specialize in all types of braids including box braids, Ghana braids, corn rows, Senegalese twists, kinky twists as well weaves and extensions. We pretty much fix any style of African hair braiding. Just give us the go ahead and you will love the way you look.

Exceptional African hair braiding ability  at full display.
sit back, relax and we will take care of your beauty

Cornrows with special feel for all occasion.
long box braids in our beauty salon
long braids
girl looks great with her golden cornrows

African Hair Braiding
The hair Salon where you feel at home. 


We offer weaving and extensions
African hair braiding
long box braids