June 6, 2017


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If you have bad hair, this is the hair braiding salon you need. We respect your privacy by offering you a special seat away from the eyes of the public. We do your hair in the secret of your own privacy. If you are shy and do not want anybody to see you as we braid your hair, THE SPECIAL SEAT is for you. Our SPECIAL SEAT is located at the back of our huge beauty salon LOCATED AT 472 JERSEY ST. This place is reserved for ladies with hair issues or people who like to do their hair in a private environment. And it comes at NO EXTRA CHARGES. Yes, you heard it right. No extra cost.We pride ourselves to be at the service of our customers and we are ready to make you feel right at home. We accept walk-ins but it is alway convenient to book an appointment online or over the phone. With an appointment you are sure to grab the time you want at the day of your choosing without worrying about any types of delay. During your appointment please mention or write a note "special seat" if you need that seat so we can accommodate you better. For any question, feel free to contact us by phone at 718-303-9696.

To book an appointment you may click on "book online" below and make your choice. We understand that customers may not be sure of what they need at the time of appointment booking. You can modify your choice at the time of your appointment in the salon or give us a call prior to your appointment. At this time no payment is due. We don't accept payment on this web portal. That is one of the reasons all prices at this time are $0. In order to know more about the price you may contact us via email or phone. Thank you

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472 Jersey St, Staten Island NY 10301
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